Commonly Asked Question #3


Why have other area libraries been able to do major renovations and upgrades without a referendum?

As you can see in the chart below, Helen Plum Library has the lowest expenditure per capita of any of the local peer libraries with similar populations. Minimal annual levy increases through the years by Helen Plum have not been significant enough to result in a capital reserve fund that could be used for the replacement of building systems and renovation of the facility. Lombard taxpayers have benefitted from this lower tax rate for decades, however the building now needs an investment from the community for upgrades.

As of the April 13, 1999 general election, 34 of Illinois’ 102 counties are subject to the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law, commonly known as “tax caps.” Under this limitation, increases in property tax extensions are limited to the lesser of (1) 5 percent or (2) the increase in the consumer price index (CPI) for all urban consumers. 2014’s index was 1.5 percent and the 2015 index is 0.8 percent.

DuPage County
Operating Expenditure Expenditure

per Capita

WARRENVILLE PLD 13,551 $1,692,370 $124
VILLA PARK PL 21,904 $2,213,041 $101
GLEN ELLYN PL 27,450 $4,036,875 $140
LISLE DL 28,504 $4,846,940 $170
ADDISON PL 36,914 $5,099,226 $138
CAROL STREAM PL 39,711 $4,102,100 $103
HELEN PLUM MPLD 43,492 $3,786,058 $87
ELMHURST PL 45,556 $7,872,300 $173
DOWNERS GROVE PL 48,867 $5,216,172 $107

If the referendum succeeds, the increase of a .216 tax rate increase would bring the per capita cost for Lombard residents to $153 annually. This increase would fluctuate slightly from year to year based on population and budget. After the bond debt for the new facility is paid off, the library Board at that time will make a determination about the tax rate going forward.

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