Commonly Asked Question #4


What about Mr. Z’s property?

The property is currently on the market for $2.25 million. Any new building construction plan undertaken by the Helen Plum Library would require a referendum for funding. The current plan to present a referendum to the public in November of 2016 would mean that if approved, funding for the project, allowing for sale and issuance of bonds, could take up to a year. The owners of Mr. Z’s would need a contract and down payment to secure the property and the Library currently does not have the finances to make a deal like that at this time.

Also, the building is only 28,000 sq. feet, so the Library would need to add a second floor to meet the needed space increases (the current Library is 34,000 sq. ft.).

Structural capacity of the current Mr. Z’s building to house the weight of multiple bookshelves with an addition would also be a concern.

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