Thank you, Lombard!

Dear Fellow Lombardians,

On behalf of myself, my fantastic staff and dedicated Board of Trustees, thank you Lombard for putting your trust in us by voting to invest in a new Helen Plum Library. The successful passage of the Library Proposition to approve a tax rate increase proves that the Lombard voters care deeply for their community and want to live and thrive in a town that is moving forward.

A special note of gratitude goes to all of the Yes, Helen supporters and volunteers who helped spread the message of how a new Helen Plum would benefit the community.

Your “yes vote” will allow us to replace the current building with a new larger facility that will meet 21st century standards. We will have more space for programs, studying and meeting, and room to increase the Library’s collections and make them easier to access. The plans call for an attractive multi-use outdoor plaza with a new entrance closer to parking and convenient and safe drive-thru service.

Members of the community will have many more opportunities to improve their digital literacy and technology skills. Children and teens will have an expanded area they can grow in, with areas for early literacy, quiet study, and collaboration.

All areas of the Library will be ADA compliant and a fire protection sprinkler system will be installed. The new mechanicals and systems will provide temperature consistency and be energy efficient.

Immediate plans include creating a timeline for relocation and construction. We will be working with the Village to find a temporary space that is conveniently located, provides adequate parking, and is large enough to hold our materials collection. We also will seek input on what new additions will be most important to you and your families. The Library holds our neighbor Lilacia Park to the highest regard and would not want to do anything to compromise the lilac collection and what remains of Colonel Plum’s legacy. The concept for Henderson Plaza is to enhance it and give much better access to the park. All plans put forward are concepts developed as a starting point for design considerations and final plans would be developed to the satisfaction of the Park District and the Village. We will continue to regularly update you on our progress and look forward to celebrating a Very Grand Opening in late 2018 or early 2019. We invite you to connect with us on our Next Chapter Blog at We’ve introduced a contact us page for you to submit your comments and questions.

-Barb Kruser
Helen Plum Library Director

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