A Message from the new Library Board President, Jason Brandt

As the newly elected Helen Plum Library Board President, I wanted to address two concerns that we have heard from the community. The first is the Ordinance 2017-2018-002 that our Board approved at the July 11, 2017 Board meeting. This Ordinance is a Resolution of Intent which is a procedural requirement in order for us to eventually issue bonds. We have no intent to issue bonds until we have a building plan in place and the public is informed.

This Ordinance allows for issuance of up to $25 million in bonds. Our plan is to keep within the $22.3 million cost discussed during the referendum, but this amount allows for contingencies due to delays.

Regardless of the eventual bond amount, the Library’s budget would be adjusted to make the payments on the bonds and will not cause any additional taxpayer increase.

Our Board has asked Director Kruser to reach out to the Park District to request a meeting with our new board presidents and directors from both the Library and Park Districts to discuss how we can collaborate to move the project forward. As always, the Library is keenly interested in working with the Park District to build a library that best serves the community, while at the same time respecting and protecting Lilacia Park. The Library has been transparent with its process since the beginning, with updates at our board meetings and Speak Out responses to concerns and inaccurate information. We encourage community members to contact the Library with any questions or concerns on this process, and to attend upcoming Board meetings for more information.


Jason Brandt

President, Helen Plum Library Board of Trustees

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