Building Proposal 9.14.17

Summary of the Helen Plum Library Building Expansion Proposal for consideration by the Lombard Park District Board at their September 19, 2017 Park Board Meeting
Updated with additional detail 9.14.2017

  • The Helen Plum Library is continuing our effort to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with the Park District that addresses all concerns.
  • Over the past 10 months, the Library Board has shared many different concepts with the intent of enhancing Lilacia Park and updating Henderson Plaza.
  • To date, all of these concepts have been rejected. The Park District’s position is to not support any exceptions to prior established air rights.
  • The Library Board has presented a design to the Park District Board that does comply with existing air rights, with the exception of one disputed area connecting the west property to the currently property.
  • As we have maintained, the 2007 Intergovernmental Agreement between the parties clearly indicated that both the Library and Park District contemplated a Library expansion and connection to the property due west of the current structure. That purpose was continually expressed in the 2007 Agreement which went as far as to restrict the building height for any such construction to two-stories. At a minimum, the 2007 Agreement requires that the Library and Park District continue to negotiate in good faith to find an acceptable solution. 2007 IGA
  • The proposed construction on the property due west of the current Library building now provides for a one-story connecting corridor between the current building and proposed new two-story structure. It is our intent that this design complies with the Library Board’s legal understanding of all established air rights.
  • Costs for the most recent concept proposal for the new Library will increase slightly with more exterior glass and brick, additional plaza deck and a small amount for air handlers. This increase is due to needing to construct a building without a connected 2nd floor.  The original budget included costs for renovation of the Henderson Plaza which in this plan remains untouched.
  • We think of the building as two two-story pavilions joined at the first floor.  The eastern ¾ of the building is public space.  The first floor of is the more active zone; study and meeting spaces, children, teens, and popular collections (DVDs, Lucky Day, new materials) while the upper (second floor) pavilion is adult collections, technology and activity rooms.  The western pavilion, about ¼ of the building, will contain all staff operations, as well as the drive through section.
  • The zone in between the two pavilions is an extension of the Plaza. The north edge is an entry court for the Coach House while the south edge is an overlook onto Maple Street.  Because the cooling tower and elevator shafts will be located internally, there is a clear view to Maple St. across the Plaza. This overlook area can be thought of as a garden, or a programmable outdoor activity space, or a pocket park off to the side of the main Plaza area. These are all potential ideas that need to be explored with the Library and the Park District.

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