What about other locations?

Why isn’t the Helen Plum Library considering other locations for the new building?

  • Preserving our significant, unique historical link to both Lilacia Park and the Plum family is important to us as well as the history of Lombard.
  • The Library currently has more than 255,000 visitors each year. Moving the library to another location would eliminate foot traffic from the Library to downtown. A new building would attract more visitors and increase foot traffic even more.
  • The location is walking distance for students in the immediate area and provides the option of classroom or afterschool visits
  • Metra commuters have easy access to the Library, especially with the new drive-through feature.
  • The Library owns its land, and also the site to the west of the building. Any new site options would need to be acquired at a significant additional cost. The new building budget includes only $900,000 above the costs for demolition and construction for a new building.

What about Mr. Z’s property?

The property is currently on the market for more than $2 million. The Library owns the current building property and the two lots directly to the west of the Library.

Also, Mr. Z’s building is only 28,000 sq. feet, so the Library would need to add a second floor to meet the needed space increases (the current Library is 34,000 sq. ft.) of 50,000 sq. ft.

Due to the need to insure structural capacity to house the weight of multiple bookshelves we would also incur additional demolition expense.

What about the DuPage Theater location?

The Village of Lombard owns the property on Park and Main. Their intent is to develop the site for commercial or residential use to provide a future tax revenue stream for the Village.

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  1. Could the Coach House be relocated next to the Park Dist. Adm. Building by the green house and picnic pavilion. This would eliminate the need for the current access road.

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