Building Proposal 10.20.17

The Helen Plum Library has presented a proposal to the Lombard Park District that does not encroach on the Park’s air rights and will be built only within the Library’s property. Details of that design are being reviewed with library staff and trustees over the course of the next 2 months.  Concepts require further development in support of a detailed cost estimate, and review by the Village.

Initial aspects of the plan include:

  • Elevations for all aspects of the latest plan do not exceed any of the current elevations that exist under the air rights agreement.
  • The new construction will include an East Pavilion and West Pavilion. The two Pavilions will be joined by an enclosed walkway connector.
  • The Henderson Plaza (corner of Maple and Park) that is Park property will remain as is.
  • The approach to the Coach House entrance from Lilacia Park is maintained.
  • The driveway to the west of the Library’s property will provide service access to the Lilacia Park Coach House, as well as access to the drive-thru service window and book drop, and the Library’s receiving area.
  • Plantings and fences will be included in the project to provide screening of the building from the Park
  • The paving panels on the Plaza Deck will be reconstructed with minimum glare and to recall the brick paving in other areas of the Park and Henderson Plaza
  • The new Library building has extensive window openings to allow views onto the Plaza Deck and Lilacia Park and beyond.
  • Skylights will admit light into the first floor areas of the new Library building and are positioned to bring light into the building in areas where exterior windows are not possible.
  • The plan presents an option to remove the chain link fence that separates the Library’s west lot from Lilacia Park if the Park requests it.

One of the possible options the Library Board has agreed to have their architect and construction managers explore is the construction of the West Pavilion while the current Library remains in operation. Upon completion, staff and the Library’s materials would be relocated temporarily in the West Pavilion while the current building is demolished and reconstructed.

This option seeks to reduce the interim relocation expenses.  Costs for this option will be evaluated to determine if this plan is the most effective choice.

Costs for this most recent design will also need to be evaluated to determine if they may be slightly higher than the original proposal which did not include the additional materials used to construct two pavilions. The delay in beginning the construction process may have also resulted in cost escalation due to potential for increases in materials and labor prices.

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