Helen Plum Traffic and Parking Study

Gewalt Hamilton, an independent traffic consultant, was hired by the Library to conduct a traffic study, review parking requirements, and provide recommendations for vehicle stacking at the proposed drive-up service window. The traffic engineering conducted several surveys of traffic including each intersection around the Library site from Main Street to Elizabeth Street and from Park Avenue to just south of Maple Street.  They were hired directly by the Library to provide an objective report based on national traffic guidelines, state requirements, and data collected on site.

Gewalt Hamilton found that the proposed library project would not require any improvements to the streets or intersections as a result of increased Library traffic.  Gewalt Hamilton found that the Library does not currently meet the zoning parking requirements for the Village of Lombard, however the Library has more than enough parking spaces to accommodate patrons by including on-street parking.  A significant key finding, by Gewalt Hamilton, was that the Library also has enough current parking to accommodate the proposed new Library by including on-street parking.  Finally, Gewalt Hamilton recommends a vehicle stacking of three at the service window, which is based on data collected from other Libraries and a description of service that is similar to pharmacies.

Click here to view the full Traffic and Parking study

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