Schematic Designs and Upcoming Dates for 401 South Main Building

During the August 12, 2020 Helen Plum Library Board meeting, held at the Village Hall, Trustees were presented with preliminary Schematic Designs for the new Library located at 401-425 S. Main Street.

The Library’s architects are currently working on the initial Village Staff Review which should be completed at the end of September.  

During the last week of September and first week of October, the Library will hold virtual Community Conversation meetings to present the latest updates on the building design and a project estimate. Dates and times for those meetings, and details on how to attend remotely, will be available in early September.  

We anticipate filing with the Village Plan Commission in mid-October and Public Hearings at the Village are tentatively scheduled for November 23 and 30, 2020.   

If the Village approves Planning and Zoning in December, the Library will close on the property in January. Demolition of the current Main Street site structures would likely begin in March/April of 2021, following completion of asbestos remediation.  

Construction would begin in summer 2021 with the expectation for completion in late fall of 2022.

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