Key Documents

Colonel Plum’s Will (April, 1927)

Colonel William Plum willed his estate and house to people of Lombard with the stipulation that the land is used as a public park, and in the memory of his wife, their house be given as a “free public library and reading rooms.”

IGAs between the Library and Park (1976-2007)

Intergovernmental agreements made between the Library and Park District boards from 1976, 1980, and 2007.

Park District Proposed Offer (November, 2017)

Library building plan proposed by the Park District in November, 2017.

Response to Park District Proposal (January, 2018)

Library Board’s response to the Park District’s November, 2017, proposal.

Park Board Motion to Discontinue Discussion (December, 2018)

At the Park District’s December 2018 board meeting, the Park District Board approved a:

“Motion to have the Lombard Park District discontinue any and all discussions and/or negotiations with the Helen Plum Library Board and Staff regarding construction of a new building at the current location unless at the sole expense of the Library District, a mutually agreed upon mediator is contracted to negotiate either the reconsideration of the Park Districts offer made on November 6, 2017 or a building relocation somewhere else by way of a land swap on Park District property.”

January 2019 Correspondence

Response to Park District from Library Board President (PDF)
Response to Library from Park District (PDF)

April 2019 Correspondence

April 11 Letter from Architect to Library
April 19 Letter from Library Attorney to Park District

May 2019 Correspondence

May 23 Letter to Park District about Land Swap
May 20 Site Evaluation by Architect

June 2019 Correspondence

June 26 Letter from Park District about Land Swap

July 2019 Correspondence

July 23 Letter to Park District about Land Swap

September 2019 Correspondence

September 23 Letter to Library from Village Manager
September 30 Letter to Village from the Library
Conceptual Library Plans